Our Vision

Our vision is to see the peoples of North Africa reconciled with God, regenerated and transformed by the Gospel in the societies in which they live.

Our Aim

Our aim is to broadcast in all North Africa's main spoken languages - our focus audience includes Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia - a population of over 80 million. North Africa has a Berber speaking population of around 30 million people - CNA is currently broadcasting around half its content in Berber languages.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel and teach the Word to North Africans, and to facilitate the integration and training of disciples in a local church.

Our Core Values​

  • We strive to be Christ-centered (Matt 4:19), dependent on God and Holy Spirit led.
  • We are evangelical, under the supreme authority of the Bible, the inspired Word of God.
  • We are strongly committed to North African communities worldwide.
  • We desire excellence in our work, stewardship and relationships.


Satellite Broadcasting
Since its launch in 2000, CNA has been broadcasting audiovisual content by satellite or (more recently) the Internet, into North Africa aiming to establish strong local churches which will multiply. On the one hand, the goal is to proclaim the gospel so that people can believe the message of Christ, and secondly to provide solid and progressive Biblical teaching in order to strengthen the new believers in their faith and equip servant-leaders in the churches.

The existing leaders are actually very eager to receive training for themselves which they can transmit to their fellow believers. The North African Channel has therefore sought to use a good product, with a suitable methodology.

BILD Partnership
For CNA the training concept developed by BILD International fits the bill, it is a thoroughly Biblical and carefully tailored method which can work as well in North Africa as in many other countries in the world where it is already being used.

The partnership signed a year ago with BILD International entitles CNA to use all BILD’s training system: translate, adapt to the North African populations, edit it under CNA’s own name and to transmit it to the churches in North Africa. This training already exists in France under the name of ITEA. The translation into French can be used for North Africa, although this usefulness is limited due to Arabization of the younger generation. An Arabic translation of the material as quickly as possible is therefore a priority.

CNA has given the name Ddk to this training in Arabic, the name comes from the Greek didaché which means teaching or doctrine. The Ddk team has six members but is still looking for other helpers, the amount of work to do is immense!

One must be certified by BILD in order to pass this training on to church leaders. Translations must be tested and printed and the team must ensure that the training is well established. The vision is great and the work will need to be undertaken for a period of at least 10 years. Ddk serves churches to help them use this training themselves. Thus the churches are equipped to fortify themselves and develop their own ministries.


North Africa (NA) has a history of being used then forgotten by its colonisers. Its population is therefore wary of foreign domination and hungry for genuine local culture and flavour.

For many years, Christian TV has beamed into NA. Mostly in Arabic, it has had a big impact and many (maybe even “most”) believers today heard of Jesus through TV or radio. With very few Christians in the region able to share their faith, how else could they come to Christ? Fortunately, Arabic TV continues to be broadcast by about 10 Christian TV stations . So why another?

The answer lies in the opening statement above about “genuine culture and flavour”. Several NA countries have significant non-Arab populations. There are about 10 Berber languages totaling over 25 million people, six of these peoples number over 2 million. Many regard the populations of Algeria and Morocco, over 60 million people, as half Berber. Care for peoples such as the Kabyle of northern Algeria, the Riffi Berbers of central Morocco and the Tuareg of southern Algeria makes CNA distinctive.

1000 Responses/Month
Since December 2011, CNA has been on air 24/7 on Atlantic Bird 7, the first full-time Christian channel with more than half its content in Berber, with some Arabic (mostly dialect) and French. In 2012 the channel received around 1000 responses each month. Many said how happy they were to see the channel; others called to ask more about Jesus; and some to express their anger and argue about which is the right religion.