Regenerated and transformed by the Gospel through live TV

Since December 15th, Channel North Africa is on  Hot Bird.

13 degrees East
Frequency 11.470
Polarity: H
Symbol Rate: 27.500
FEC: ¾

Live TV


CNA broadcasts Christian content intended for the people of North Africa and the North African communities in Europe and the Middle East. 

CNA is the first to broadcast productions in the various different languages spoken and understood in North Africa (Arab and Berber) and in French, with a biblical perspective. CNA is intended to speak to the heart of each of its viewers. This is why it offers programs in their mother tongues.

In a statement, the director of CNA Arhab Ali said: “The launch of CNA on Atlantic Bird 7 is really an answer to prayer, a promise for all North Africans living at a decisive period in their history where their countries are seeing an unprecedented mobilization for liberty. Through CNA, they will discover the love of Christ for them and his call to embody it, through the Church, in nations that are thirsty for justice! “

CNA is broadcasting a vast range of programming including life stories, documentaries, talk shows, educational programs, lifestyle series including women’s, men’s and children’s programming, musical performances, dramas, films, shorts and much more. Channel North Africa works with a network of partners sharing the same values in order to source this content.

Channel North Africa is a French cultural association created in 2000 with a goal to produce and broadcast media content that annonces the gospel and teaches the Bible for the region of North Africa and to North Africans living outside the region.

Key Partners